Interacting Particle Systems

and Related Topics

August 27th – 31th, 2012

Villa Finaly, Florence, Italy


Interacting particle systems describe the behavior of systems with many components spatially localized, interacting with random local rules. The collective behavior of those processes is of great interest, as well as the stationary regime and the way the systems approach equilibrium. In this workshop will be discussed important issues like hydrodynamic limits, large deviations, phase transitions, metastability, etc.

The workshop will consist in talks given by experts on the area and informal discussions around open problems. It will include a poster session.

Scientific Committee

Pablo Ferrari (Buenos Aires), Joel Lebowitz (Rutgers), S.R.S. Varadhan (New York).

Organizing Committee

Amine Asselah (Créteil), Paolo Dai Pra (Padova), Giambattista Giacomin (Paris),
Pierre Picco (Marseille), Ellen Saada (Paris), Lorenzo Zambotti (Paris).

Speakers: Marton Balázs (Budapest), Lorenzo Bertini (Roma), Thierry Bodineau (Paris), Pietro Caputo (Roma), Ivan Corwin (Boston), Francis Comets (Paris), Bernard Derrida (Paris), Alessandra Faggionato (Roma), Pablo Ferrari (Buenos Aires), Alberto Gandolfi (Firenze), Alexandre Gaudillière (Marseille), Antoine Gerschenfeld (Paris), Frank den Hollander (Leiden), Milton Jara (Rio de Janeiro), Hubert Lacoin (Paris), Claudio Landim (Rouen and Rio de Janeiro), Cyrille Lucas (Nanterre), Thomas Mountford (Lausanne), Errico Presutti (Roma), Fraydoun Rezakhanlou (Berkeley), Timo Seppäläinen (Madison), Sunder Sethuraman (Tucson), Cristina Toninelli (Paris), Bálint Tóth (Budapest), Daniel Valesin (Vancouver), Alexander Vandenberg-Rodes (Irvine), S.R.S. Varadhan (New York), Nikolaos Zygouras (Warwick).

Posters by: Oriane Blondel (Paris), Francesca Collet (Bologna), Marco Formentin (Padova), Patricia Gonçalves (Minho), Kevin Kuoch (Paris), Pierre-Yves Louis (Poitiers), Elena Pulvirenti (Roma), Wioletta Ruszel (Eindhoven), Michele Salvi (Berlin), Sergio Simonella (Roma).


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